Your struggles are unique!

Your goals are unique!

Your vision is absolutely unique!

Who is my one-to one coaching system best suited for?

I only work with women who I know I can guide to success. We’re a great match if ….

  1. You’re fiercely committed to make our relationship transformative & successful, and enjoy working one-to-one.
  2. Do you think “outside the box”? If your answer is a resounding yes, you’re a great fit, because we spend an awful lot of time in that zone!
  3. And you definitely agree that enough is enough….
  • Enough with putting up with relentless stress and anxiety that derails your life, goals and sanity!
  • Enough with allowing past experiences and memories to drain the present & hijack the future…
  • Enough with never taking inventory of your brilliant gifts and strengths…
  • Enough with therapies or treatments that simply rehash all the “stuff” without getting to the finish line…

What can you expect from our time together?

  • You wake up every morning with a healthy curiosity about what this divine new day will bring you. Your Anxiety, fears and worries have faded & you are uplifted into a new world of Clarity, Productivity and Lasting Inner Peace
  • You’ve nurtured & healed your resilient Inner Child and cherish her spunk, wisdom and all the lessons she’s taught you!
  • Feeling like a victim is a distant memory…you’re grateful for all the bumps along the way, as they’ve all been steppingstones for growth!
  • You’re grateful for all your relationships: Many of your relatives, neighbors, co-workers and friends are more compassionate, helpful and loving.
  • You’re no longer afraid to be “out there.Social situations are no big deal – in fact they’re actually becoming enjoyable.
  • Low self-confidence (and low self-love) has been replaced with a realistic appraisal of your gifts and strengths. You can visualize yourself being unstoppable….
  • You’ve melted away the triggers that used to reactivate the pain.
A heavy stone was removed from my heart – I carried it for 22 years, but it was gone in a few sessions after working with Miriam.
Juanita S.
Miriam is creative, understanding, and helped me focus on healing instead of guilt during our time together. My co-workers asked me which vitamin I’m taking!”
Sarah H.
I feel so grateful for our time together. I feel like a different person. You took the cow-webs off my brain!
Norma P.