Are You a Trauma Survivor? Are You Ready to Rewrite “Your Story?”

Let me show you how! YOU can rise above the Stress and Anxiety from Traumatic Memories & reach lasting inner peace with EFT Tapping & the magic of the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection!

Hi! It’s Miriam. I’m so honored you landed here! I know you well…:)

You’re a visionary with a spiritual truckload of goals and ideas….

You might also be a perfectionist who wants to make everyone happy…

You’ve been blessed with a mosaic of brilliant gifts & strengths….

And you’re not reaching your goals or fulfilling your dreams because you’re stuck in the painful shackles of Traumatic Memories,  Stress and Anxiety!

Guess what?

You Can Choose to SayNO! to the Searing Pain of Past Trauma, Stress and Anxiety!

And, yes, you Can Replace it with REAL Peace of Mind, Clarity and Joy…. even physical healing is a natural outcome!

Get a Head Start on releasing the STRESS and ANXIETY that’s making a mess of your life with this easy to implement Stress-Busting Bundle! Your Emotional, Spiritual and even Physical wellbeing depend on it.

  1. SSB Reach Change! EFT Audio with Script
  2. Tapping Diagram
  3. SSB Banishing Negative Self-Talk Worksheets
  4. SSB 37 Affirmations Coloring Pages
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“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” Mark Twain

The majority of people are trapped by old, outdated habits that derail them from exercising their inborn Power of Choice…  Please don’t join the majority!

I’ve empowered 100’s of intuitive women since 2007 to be part of the happy minority – Allow me to be your guide!

My Clients Say it best….

“I was dreaming of starting my own business for over 20 years. The old fears suddenly melted away & I’m working with small groups of women who really appreciate me… Thank you, Miriam!”
Rickie A.
“….I love feeling in control of my life for the first time! Your words during the EFT were really magical. Your insights were a turning point for me.”
Paula B.
“I feel so grateful for our time together. My co-workers asked me which vitamin I’m taking!”
Norma P.

Does any of This Resonate with You?

You’ve worked so hard to delete an assortment of painful memories, but they keep ambushing you. (Our vets with PTSD have experienced miracles with EFT!) *You really can let them go – whether they’re two weeks old, or from 30 years ago.

You’re always trying to please others, but remain feeling rejected, lonely and abandoned.

You would love to get unstuck from the Emotional Clutter and Brain Fog! And eliminate crushing stress caused by guilt, shame, betrayal, sadness, anger, low self-esteem, fears & endless worries.

Are you “in the trenches” of a challenging relationship? It’s time for clarity and Healing.

Is self-sabotage derailing your life? It doesn’t have to be that way….. You deserve better!

Are you a Gifted Entrepreneur who repeatedly gets ensnared by negative thoughts and Imposter Syndrome? It’s time to make all that stuff null & void….

Are you a Healer? You’re in the Right place!

You can easily add EFT to your repertoire as you learn how to do it for yourself and others!

Does this all add up to emotional burnout? You never signed up for this! You CAN move on without the pain! I know…. change is sometimes scary…. but let me assure you that “No Pain, No Gain’ is NOT one of my mantras! Cognitive shifts will flood your system as you start rewiring your mindset and neural pathways.

but you don’t have to do it alone! Here are Two ways we can work together….and you can live each day with joy and meaning!

  1. It’s high time for you to focus on YOU! Work with me one-to-one: We’ll share laughter & tears as our energies combine to create awesome and permanent healing! You’ll exercise your emotional muscles and discover superpowers that you never knew you had…. Link to Work with Me Page
2. JOIN our life-changing Mind and Spirit Academy Membership! This unique, monthly Membership was created just for you! It’s your special place to refuel with uplifting strategies for your mind, body and soul! It’s a place to connect to deep, lasting healing. It’s a totally non-judgmental, nurturing environment so you can spread your wings and plug into your highest potential. Two Monthly Group Coaching calls, a like-minded community and a lot more,,,,, Link to Membership Page
You might be wondering…. How can you possibly release all the pain that you’ve “carefully” accumulated over the years (maybe decades)?

No, you won’t get amnesia! But you’ll be cleared of the negative emotions of pain, guilt, shame and sadness that often take over your life…. and your inner strengths & wisdom will gracefully emerge! Let’s create the dazzling transformation that you deserve together!

Here are the Two Healing Miracles that will empower you to delete the debilitating pain of Traumatic Memories, along with the Stress & Anxiety they generate.

Emotional Freedom Techniques:

Perhaps you’ve heard how the magic of EFT Tapping can change YOUR life?

It’s a gentle, incredibly powerful Energy Psychology method, developed in the 90’s by Gary Craig, that will knock your socks off. In the early days Gary Craig was often asked, “What can you use it for?” He answered, what soon became a famous EFT slogan: “TRY IT ON EVERYTHING!” And this has proven to be literally true!

From healing fibromyalgia to healing marriages, to releasing past traumas, deleting stress & anxiety, building self-esteem and anything else you can think of….

**I personally haven’t seen anything as life changing as Emotional Freedom Techniques since I became an EFT Coach in 2007. LINK TO EFT PAGE

Holistic Leaders are Embracing EFT Tapping:

“More than 60 research articles in peer-reviewed journals report a staggering 98% efficacy rate with the use of (EFT) this procedure…..from….PTSD, phobias, anxiety and depression to physical conditions such as asthma, fibromyalgia, pain and seizure disorders, to performance issues.” Dr. Joseph Mercola

EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.” Bruce Lipton, author of The Biology of Belief

“Someday the medical profession will wake up and realize that unresolved emotional issues are the main cause of 85% of all illnesses. When they do, EFT will be one of their primary healing tools…. asit is for me.” Eric Robbins, MD

Mind Body Syndrome: Is the Pain “all in your head?”

“Telling people about Mind Body Syndrome is like telling them that the earth is round, when they KNOW that it’s flat” Unlearn Your Pain, Dr. Howard Schubiner

Billions spent on prescription medications annually. Sixty percent of surgeries produce the same results as placebos. Do you see a pattern here? One of the brightest stars in the field of Mind-Body science – as well as one of the most controversial figures – was Dr. John E. Sarno. He’s fiercely defended by the 1000’s he cured, while ignored or ridiculed by many of his peers in the mainstream medical world..

When I intertwined Dr’ Sarno’s wisdom with EFT Tapping, it created a dynamic healing cocktail for myself and my clients. Recently, I discovered Dr, Howard Schubiner! Dr. Schubiner, a student of Dr. Sarno, developed a brilliant, user-friendly Mind Body healing system: a vicious cycle of pain is created by your neural circuits, that keep relearning the pain signals. The result is Mind Body Syndrome. So, is the pain “all in your head?”. Well, kind of…. 🙂

It was such an honor for me to host a Childhood Trauma Summit a couple of years ago. I’m thrilled to have impacted the lives of so many courageous women!