“All truth passes through three stages:

                     First it’s ridiculed.

                                 Then it’s violently opposed.

                                       Finally, it’s accepted as self-evident.”   

Arthur Schopenhauer

My Personal Healing Story:

While in the middle of the life-changing EFT Workshop that I was taking in Manhattan in the spring of 2007, I decided to apply a bit of what I was learning.  I had a tennis elbow pain in my left elbow for the past three or four months. It was a piercing, stubborn pain, waking me up in the middle of the night and sending me sharp, painful messages as I raised my arm to sprinkle paprika on chicken.

I was intrigued with EFT and curious if I can make it work. I knew that the source of physical pain is often emotional, but I was clueless about what my issues could be. Nonetheless, I decided to start EFT Tapping, and let my sub-conscious mind do the rest.

About three weeks later, two things dawned on me: First, I hadn’t tapped in a few days…. and secondly, the pain was 100% gone! It never returned.

Lessons to be learned:

  • Once you learn it (it’s easy!), you can do this on your own!
  • You don’t have to be psychic or even tuned in to the exact cause of your problem.
  • Though EFT is known for its “one minute wonders” persistence is usually the way to go.

What is EFT?

Gary Craig, a Stanford engineer, introduced EFT Tapping in the early 90’s, putting this miraculous healing system literally at our fingertips!

Here’s how he explains the process: Once a circuit is shorted you can’t turn on the light until the circuit breaker has been reset. EFT resets the circuits in our energy system.

It’s sometimes called “Emotional Acupuncture”, but instead of using needles on 100’s of acupoints, we tap gently on 10-12 specific ones. These acupoints access the healing points along the pathways of the body’s energy meridians. We’re not just a bunch of chemicals and bones, as the pharmaceutical companies would like us to believe. We’re created with a complex energy system that responds, like a sapling to sunlight, to the therapeutic mind-body-spirt healing power of EFT.

EFT is based on the premise that over 85% of all ailments, emotional and physical, are rooted in the emotional. Illness occurs due to a disruption in the person’s energy system, which is a souvenir of a negative, unresolved emotional memory.

What can EFT help with?  

The answer is in Gary Craig’s famous response, “Try it on Everything!”

Seriously? It can really work on “everything”?  EFT works on such an abundance of issues & ailments that it’s actually realistic to describe it as working on everything! I tell my clients that EFT is like a hammer – and everything else is a nail.

Here’s a partial list of issues – both physical and emotional – that EFT can successfully diminish or eradicate:

  • Anxiety, Stress, Guilt, Phobias
  • Sadness, Anger, Fears
  • Shame, Traumatic Memories, PTSD
  • Relationship issues
  • Self-esteem, Panic Attacks, PPD
  • Physical pain, Fibromyalgia

Notice the emotional source in the following three scenarios. The EFT process will inevitably zero in on several tappable issues:

  • Sarah is anxious about meeting critical relatives at an upcoming picnic. She “coincidentally” gets sick the day before the event.
  • As Vera’s relationship with her mother-in-law becomes more stressful, she suffers from migraines regularly.
  • Iris was humiliated in class in fourth grade. She’s been prone to morning panic attacks for the past three school years.

People tuned in to natural healing have all come to the same empowering conclusion: “Enough is enough!” Enough with putting up with relentless stress and anxiety…Enough with allowing past experiences and memories to hijack the present… Enough with therapies and treatments that simply don’t deliver the goods.

Take control of your Emotional and Physical wellbeing. Start enjoying the intoxicating gift of Emotional Freedom Techniques!