What’s motivating YOU to do what it takes to finally picture  capture joy, confidence & inner peace?

I grew up in beautiful Toronto, the daughter of Eastern European immigrants. My parents were Holocaust survivors, so I’m no stranger to the searing pain & overwhelm of stress and anxiety from past traumas.    

My parents remarkably rebuilt their lives as they embraced their new home. My amazing father was an entrepreneur par excellence! His motto was “I’d rather sell pens in the street than work for someone else!” He actually lived by this conviction for a short time.  It was his single-minded perseverance that pulled us through.

Let’s see… I can label myself a few ways:  I’m definitely a card-carrying Mompreneur(I did run a business with 8 kids back in the day!) – as well as a proud grandmother…. which brings me to another label of distinction: I’m undeniably a Baby Boomer!  I remember an old newspaper headline from The Toronto Daily Star from the 70’s, as if it were yesterday: “Baby Boomers flooding Colleges.” LOL

In 1994 I opened a School Supply business, selling multisensory reading materials, which sprouted from our experience in Special Education. When it unraveled in 2007, my “midlife career crisis” pointed a flashlight at a very important question: What is actually inside me?! Here is how my personal drama unfolded:

My Eureka Moment came when I surreptitiously discovered a powerful mind-body navigation system called Emotional Freedom Technique!  As I stood at the crossroads, it dawned on me that I have a built-in career inside me just waiting to happen!  Haven’t I been “coaching” people all my life

With the awesome combination of EFTCoaching, Hypnosis and Mind-Body Healing I was being led on a path that was second nature to me! 

I started working with authentic, intuitive and talented women who have an abundance of Gifts to offer the world, but sometimes the challenges of Stress & Anxiety keep them stuck.

Since 2007 I’ve been blessed to help empower women just like you take the leap from stress to serenity & from ordinary to extraordinary – it is a choice we all make!

We’re all travelers on this intoxicating Journey of Transformation….

It’s time you reached higher…because that’s really your destiny! Don’t shy away from it! Capture your highest potential with a remodeled mindset & exciting tools that will supercharge your life! It’s time to trade in stress and anxiety for clarity, purpose and unstoppable success in every area of your life.

You do deserve it!