Are Past Traumas ruining your present and hijacking your future?

Let’s Uproot the Thorns Together so You can Start Blossoming like a Rose!

MIND-BODY-SOUL Healing  for Women who are ready to Transform the Pain of Traumatic Memories into Stepping stones for Growth…

You’ve Certainly Done Your Fair Share of Inner Work…

  • You’ve made molehills out of many mountains!   
  • Perhaps you’re Journaling…
  • Or practicing Mindfulness or Meditation
  • Or you’ve given a good shot to traditional & alternative therapies

Everything you’ve done is amazing and beneficial…. But you  know you need M-O-R-E!

Are you enjoying a stress-free life that brings you emotional & spiritual satisfaction?

  • Are you overwhelmed by shame, blame, anger and sadness?
  • Are you suffering from physical pain, like fibromyalgia or headaches?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Can some of your relationships use an upgrade?
  • Do you often bump into triggers that reactivate painful past traumas?
  • Does it all feel so hopeless sometimes?
  • Do you simply NOT FEEL GOOD ENOUGH?

And you absolutely know with every fiber of your mind, body, and spirit that your Inner Game creates your Outer Game!  You know that if your thoughts and feelings are not aligned with your dreams and goals…. it aint happening! And you deserve better than that…

But you don’t have to do it alone!

Here’s where the Mind and Spirit Academy Membership comes in…. 

Get ready for Massive Breakthroughs  fueled by Emotional Freedom Techniques,  Mind-Body Syndrome healing strategies & other Mind-Body-Spirit healing gems.

Get ready to live your best life  in a warm, nurturing, non-judgmental space created just for you!

Get ready to recalculate “your story” as you masterfully heal your precious Inner Child.

***And get ready to experience Real Healing on our Group Coaching Calls and through all the other transformative tools available inside this Membership.***By the way, you’re always moving along at your own pace – it’s not a race. 🙂

And Your First 30 Days are Free!

Are you dreaming of breaking free from the painful shackles of anxiety and the mind-numbing burden of traumatic memories? Yes, it’s possible….right now….

Finally, You can Dive into the Life-Changing Transformation you Deserve when you join Mind and Spirit Academy!

Here’s what’s inside when you join:

Two Life-Changing Group EFT Coaching Calls each Month:

Two 60 minute Group Coaching Calls each month on Zoom are the centerpiece of the membership. *Can’t always make it? Calls are recorded! (But it’s more fun when you grace us with your presence!🙂 Calls include:

  1. The “Hot-Seat:”  One-to-one EFT Coaching with members – which is priceless!
  2. Uplifting Group EFT/Hypnosis/Meditation
  3. Mind-Body Syndrome Healing Strategies
  4. Q & A: Have your most pressing questions answered so you can move forward in your Healing Journey!    

Three Libraries inside Your Membership:

L.O.A. Library of  EFT Audios with  Scripts – Choose a topic that’s weighing on your mind: Worrying, procrastination, stress, brain fog, self-esteem, limiting beliefs, betrayal…. Rewire your mindset & invite transformative healing into your life in just 10 minutes per EFT Audio/Script! Try it – you’ll LOVE it! Do you want a specific EFT topic?You can request it & once it’s approved, VOILA! It’ll be popped into the Audio Library asap.

L.O.V.  Library of Videos  – Here’s where all our monthly calls are archived. (Plus other Training/Healing videos.)  

L.O.T.S. Library of Training & Surprises – Pop into this library and find something that speaks to you! PDF’S/Worksheets/Inspiration/Self-Coaching/Cheatsheets/EFT Training/Enneagram….. A whole bunch of stuff geared to uplift, inspire and provide you with the nuts & bolts of permanent healing.   

Enjoy Spiritual Tap Dancing Twice a Week!

Get T.A.P.S. in your In-Box every Monday & Thursday.

           Transformative Nuggets,

           Affirmations & Journal Prompts

           Pearls  of Wisdom  to

           Soothe your Soul!

It’s time to stop struggling alone!It’s time to exchange the searing pain of Past Traumas for Exponential Growth & Inner Peace…Let me show you how!

As soon as you join you’ll get:

  1. Username & Password info
  2. Dates for the Group Coaching Calls
  3. A Confidential Discovery Form, so I can learn a bit about you, as I strive to tweak the Membership around your needs.
  4. A BONUS Healing Report:  The Secret Remedy for Stress & Anxiety!      

If not now, when?

JOIN Mind and Spirit Academy

We’re making this easy…..

Your First 30 days are free! 🙂

After that it’s $24/mo or $239/year (2 Months Free)

And if you’re not 100% amazed, thrilled & happy, you can of course cancel anytime!

I can’t wait to see you inside!  



P.S.   Mind and Spirit Academy isn’t one of those memberships where you can easily get lost…. I’m 100% dedicated to being personally there for you on your magnificent Journey of Healing! I would love it if you joined us! 🙂